Wolfgang Research

We  Sell  Federal & State Tax Lien Leads  For  Less !

We know how competitive the market is out there...  so why not get the best possible edge for your success...  for less ! 

We're not a Lead House reselling the same leads over and over and we're not a List Broker either.   What we are is a dynamic Team of experienced court researchers nationwide who gather Fresh Leads direct from the courthouse.  Our Tax Lien Leads are researched at the courthouse by trained researchers, not compiled from some electronically created list with a high-risk of errors. 

When you place an order with us, your Leads won't be pulled out of a mass database file where the same records are waiting to be sold over and over again.  Instead, we'll dispatch a researcher to the areas you specifically want to target and the data collection will be to your specific criteria. 

So Why Us?

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